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About McKinley Tower.

Where are you located?


We are located at 337 East 4th Avenue in Anchorage Alaska, Unit B.


Where is that?


We are located in the McKinley Tower in downtown Anchorage.


We are just a few blocks from the heart of downtown Anchorage. The 5th Avenue Mall, Courthouse Square and all of downtown Anchorage is literally at our door step.


Oh, that big green building. I didn't know there was assisted living there. How long have you been there?


McKinley Care was just licensed in January 2021 with 37 beds in 20 units. But there has been an assisted living in that building since it was re-built in 2001. When we opened McKinley Care we completely remodeled our part of the building.  Not just new paint and new floors but a whole new safety system was built with guidance from Anchorage's most knowledgeable building safety experts.


That building is built of solid concrete and steel. It has been wrapped with a polymer called 'Quake Wrap'.  It has weathered two major earthquakes. We believe we have the safest assisted living facility in Anchorage.

Do you own the whole building?


No, just the first 4 floors.  Floors 5 to 14 are one bedroom and studio apartments.  They have amazing views of the inlet, the mountains and downtown Anchorage.  Check out this website if you want to live there.


How old is that building?


It was built in 1951. It is the second oldest high rise building in Anchorage. It was completed only a few months after the Inlet Tower which is it's twin.


Here is what it looked like sometime in the early 1960's:

McKinley Tower Circa 1960_We_have_been_h

We have been a part of Anchorage's history for a long time.

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