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Parking and Front Door

Where is the door?  How do I get in?


Our only entrance is on the east side of the building where Denali Street dead ends in front of the building.  

Which door is it?

The one on the left, closest to 4th Avenue.  Please don't go in the other door.  It belongs to our neighbors.

The door is locked.  How do  I get in?


We keep it locked to keep our residents safe.  During the day time there will be someone there to let you in.  If there is no one there you can call the phone number on the sign in the window.  Visiting hours are from 7 AM until  9 PM.  

Can I use the dining room door on 4th Avenue?

No.  That one is kept locked too.  Sorry for the inconvenience but we just want to keep our residents safe.  Just walk around the corner to the door on Denali Street and we will let you in.


Where should I park?


Our parking lot is located on the opposite (south) side of 4th Avenue across the street from the dining room.  You can use any space in that lot most of the time but  on Sundays and some evenings please don't park in the spaces with the church signs.  They are our neighbors too.

You can also park in the metered spaces in front of the building on 4th Avenue but you will have to feed the meter.


Please use the parking lot across the street.  

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